Tap into the Talent and Drive of Mexican Professionals in the UK

Are you a Mexican institution, business, or organization looking to expand your reach and tap into a global network of innovative Mexican talent?

Red Global MX UK is your gateway to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and accessing the expertise of highly qualified Mexican professionals based in the UK.

How to Engage

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND INNOVATION: Partner on research initiatives leveraging the UK’s expertise. Access specialised knowledge and cutting-edge technological insights. Invite Mexican professionals from the UK as guest speakers or workshop facilitators.

BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Find investors and strategic partners among the UK-based Mexican business community. Tap into the market knowledge of these professionals to expand your business. Identify potential mentors for your entrepreneurs to gain international expertise.

COMMUNITY: Connect with successful Mexicans abroad to inspire youth and communities in Mexico. Bridge the diaspora’s knowledge and resources to support development projects. Enhance Mexico’s brand image through the achievements of overseas professionals.

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES: Collaborate with Mexican creatives in the UK for cross-cultural projects. Access innovative ideas and perspectives from a diverse talent pool. Host joint exhibitions and performances to broaden audience reach.

Partner with Red Global MX UK! Build partnerships that foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and mutually beneficial outcomes.

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