We are a network of professionals interested in fostering cooperation between Mexico and the United Kingdom


To inspire, empower, and help facilitate highly qualified professionals to contribute to the positioning and development of Mexico from abroad by fostering knowledge transfer, entrepreneurship, and a stronger community.


Be one of the most influential civil society & professional organisations in Mexico and for Mexicans living abroad due to our high impact and long-lasting contributions to the knowledge-based economy.



Our organisation will seek to continuously foster efforts to promote educational and research exchanges between British and Mexicans.  We believe that one of the most powerful ways to bringing people together is by strengthening educational links and contributing to the cross-border knowledge economy.

Knowledge exchange on innovation and technological advancement is one of our key development areas. We are very keen in promoting and supporting the bilateral flow of knowledge on innovation and technology for the sake of improving the lives of our citizens.


We aim to strengthen the position and competitiveness of Mexican SMEs and entrepreneurs in Mexico and in the UK. We believe that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Mexican economy, and that they have the potential to play a key role in driving economic growth and creating jobs in both Mexico and the UK.

However, SMEs often face challenges in competing in the global marketplace. They may have difficulty accessing financing, marketing their products and services, and navigating complex regulatory environments. We are committed to helping Mexican SMEs overcome these challenges and succeed in both domestic and international markets.


We want to empower the Mexican Community in the UK and to consolidate and strengthen the position of the  “Mexican Brand”. We build stronger ties with Mexican and local communities, but we are also proud of our traditions that make us unique.


We want to connect and promote people dedicated or related to the creative industries in the UK and Mexico. We believe that collaboration and cross-pollination between cultures is essential for the growth and innovation of the creative sector.

By bringing together artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other creative professionals from the UK and Mexico, we can create new opportunities for collaboration, exchange of ideas, and professional development. We can also help raise awareness of both countries’ creative sectors and promote international trade and investment.


Casa Alianza Mexico (Compass Children’s Charity in the UK) provides care and protection to former street children aged 12-18 years who have experienced extraordinary trauma in the form of abuse, neglect, violence, abandonment, addiction to harmful substances, sexual exploitation and human trafficking.


SRE Embamex UK