Inspired by the transformative impact of our inaugural Women in Leadership workshop, Red Global MX UK is thrilled to announce a comprehensive course designed to ignite female leadership potential within universities and institutions across Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Tailored for undergraduate and graduate students of all genders and sexual orientations, this course fosters an inclusive and empowering environment.

What to Expect: A Journey of Self-Discovery & Leadership

  • Dynamic Discussions: Engage in open conversations focused on leadership development.
  • Real-World Insights: Gain perspective on gender equality in Mexico through up-to-date data.
  • Skill Identification: Uncover your unique leadership strengths and skillsets.
  • Project Management Power: Learn the tools and methods for leading impactful initiatives.
  • Rethinking Leadership: Critically analyse leadership concepts and forge your own path.
  • Guest Speaker Wisdom: Be inspired by the personal stories and experiences of accomplished women leaders in science, entrepreneurship or creative industries.

Course Takeaways

  • Certification of Participation: Acknowledge your commitment to leadership growth.
  • Leadership Toolkit: Access a curated collection of resources and slide decks.

We invite institutions across Mexico to collaborate with Red Global MX UK in delivering this empowering course. To make this transformational experience accessible, we require:

  • Virtual Classroom: A space with reliable internet and a sound system for video conferencing.
  • Course Fee A minimum recovery cost of 20,000.00 Mexican pesos (not including VAT) to support the program.

Don’t miss the chance to inspire and uplift the next generation of women leaders! Schedule the “Women in Leadership” course for your institution today and ignite a spark that will shape the future.

Contact us to learn more!