P.P. Jorge Enrique Dominguez Ríos
P.P. Jorge Domínguez

My name is Jorge Enrique Dominguez Rios, and I am an experienced psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and academic who lives in London. 

My practice is particularly rooted within the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. This is an area of expertise I have been committed to practicing and being developed professionally throughout the years. After my principal studies in Psychology at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, I have completed my Masters Degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the same university in 2008. At the moment, I am doing my doctorate at Mexican Psychoanalytic Association by distance researching trauma and neuroscience. 

Most part of my career has been with children and adolescents supporting their ​​mental health, addressing complex trauma, school difficulties and behavior problems as well as advising parents in relation to their children’s education and development. The last three years of my work in the area of ​​pedagogy, I devised different techniques for students and young people’s learning and development needs, and developed special programs for children with special educational needs.

In my psychotherapeutic work with adults, I have contributed to wellbeing of high risk groups and treated a range of personal and family problems (alcoholism, domestic violence, addictions, depression, among others), supporting vulnerable groups, such as victims of abuse, disabled and elderly people.

I also possess extensive academic experience as a lecturer (mainly in Clinical Practice and Research Methodologies) and career adviser in Psychology. The latter has provided me with the ability to develop programs for mental ill health prevention, social care, career progression and teaching methodologies specialised at diverse student groups. 

I have been invited and spoke to several conferences about my profesional and academic interests. This is another way of helping and learning from others and making people consider their wellbeing and health in practice.  Everybody has a responsibility to look after their wellbeing.

In my case, sports and arts have a distinctive part for my own health stability and harmony. Clarinet, for example, has been a strong interest of mine (and aspiration as a teenager). I took part in many chamber music concerts in my birth city in Zacatecas. I have been studying Clarinet in London as well (City Lit College). I also enjoy watercolour and oil painting, another long activity in my life. In Zacatecas, I studied in Julio Ruelas Art School and participated in collective exhibitions. 

In terms of sports, I love swimming which has always been my passion. I have been swimming since I was seven years old. A master swimmer and current member at Swim England, I have been awarded several metals and participated in many national and international competitions in several places in Mexico and the UK, including the London Aquatics Centre at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

In Red Global MX UK I have met excellent professionals and academics, I’m working as a volunteer membership officer and my aim is to create good relationships and a sense of community. Being active, creative and collaborative makes my life meaningful and healthy.