Meet América Bernal, the new member of Red Global MX and Marketing and Communications Coordinator. She talks about his arrival in the UK and the challenges during the COVID19 lockdown. She also talks about her professional experience, the reasons to join the network and her future goals.

My name is  América Bernal, and I am new in the Red Global MX UK Chapter.

It was almost two years ago when I arrived in the United Kingdom without knowing where to start or what to expect. I remember that one of the first things I did was to look for groups of Mexicans in this country and searching on the internet I found Red Global MX UK.

For one reason or another, I didn’t get in contact with this group straight away, and I focused on settling, looking for work and starting my new life here. What I did was to follow social media to keep up to date with group activities and to learn more about its purpose.

It was during the most intense weeks of the pandemic when a post from this group caught my attention.

Obviously, like many other people, I was working from home, my pace of life changed, even my habits. But, I was determined to make positive changes in my life.

The team was convoking high qualified Mexicans who lived both out and within the United Kingdom and to join to strengthen alliances and move forward as a community.

It was only till last month ago that I’ve got in touch with the network, and after a pleasant interview with both Omar and Jackeline, I started my interview process to become part of the team.

In terms of my background, I hold a Master degree in Digital Strategy from the Univesidad Autónoma de Barcelona, an MBA in Hospitality for Universidad del Valle de México, and a B.A. in Marketing from the IBERO-ITESO system. Now I am pleased to be part of Red Global MX UK and to have the opportunity to volunteer as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

I have had the opportunity to live not only in Mexico but in the United States, Croatia and now in the United Kingdom. I currently work for Expedia Group, and although I am a very reserved person, I enjoy helping others and connecting with interesting people.

Finally, I want to mention that I am excited to be part of this group, and I look forward to continuing connecting with more Mexicans in the UK.

América BH.