According to IAB España, considered the largest communication, advertising and digital marketing association in the world, it has been identified that in 2020, three out of four buyers made their purchases online.

It was at the end of 2019, when the resurgence of a virus in China was heard, which was ready to affect the global economy, changing our consumption habits and making companies rethink their business strategies, becoming a lethal weapon for brands that knew adapt to change. Without a doubt, the confinement of almost 1 year worldwide after the pandemic brought as a consequence the disruption for a digital transformation. Leading us to an increase in online purchases, the automation of processes and the disappearance of companies that do not incorporate technology into their systems.

The global crisis that brands are facing today seems like a fictional story, which we never imagined being witnesses to. In addition to the health problem that families face, other sectors of the market have had to stop their production and sales, resort to closing plants or offices, because the economic flow that was normal until March 2020 stopped.

One of the solutions that emerged was the activation of virtual and remote methods. There is talk of the survival of brands through “Accelerated Digital Transformation”, which involves the use of data analysis, strengthening relationships with customers on social networks, even the implementation of mobile applications for business management. considering that users spend more time on their portable devices nowadays.

The great challenge is to recognize if the brand or company is ready, and accept that this is the time to acquire new technical skills, create strategic alliances and learn from mistakes. But, above all, elements such as alternative thinking, creativity, analysis, adaptation to change, resistance and support for their human capital with the teaching of these new technologies must be implemented. Especially since it will not do any good to have cutting-edge technology platforms and tools if the people involved have a low level of digitization.

The reality is that now in this 2021, business is on time. The key is to have to make a work plan with defined objectives oriented to action, correction and adaptation of the tools that are available, and from the metaphorical point in which they are found. just like he said Dan Schulman, CEO de Paypal, “Pasamos de ser los Picapiedra a los Supersónicos en 9 meses.”

Contribution: América Bernal