“May the souls of our deceased cherished ones always know true happiness, wherever they might be relaxing.”


This year the activist Paz Tissier and a range of guest artist will present a special event which honours those who have gone before us. Dia de Muertos is a two-day event held in Mexico each year; dating back to pre-colonial times it is one of the most important events in the Mexican calendar. 

Day of the Dead is a time when Mexicans honour their dead in colourful and festive ways; it is not a time for mourning or to be sorrowful but instead, we celebrate the lives of our loved ones. This tradition which has been passed down from generation to generation is now recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (2008).

This year the event will be hosted at Hackney Wick Town Hall, a new large open space which will allows people to safely socially distance whilst remembering their loved ones. We feel that now more than ever the significance of this event will allow people to honour the loved ones, family and friends who have passed this year. We encourage people to light a candle for those who have died from COVID 19 this year.

Celebrations begin at Hackney Wick Town Hall with the creation of an Ofrenda (alter) decorated with photos, mementos, poems, personal objects as well as food and drink to remember our loved ones. A special ofrenda is also placed on the floor which opens up the four pillars. It is believed that the souls of our ancestors visit these sacred alters. There will also be food and guest artist will perform live and via video streaming. 

Due to Covid restrictions we strongly encourage attendees to book their tickets online via eventbrite: Maria Tisser and Mexico