As the world faces increasingly pressing environmental challenges, it has become imperative that people take proactive steps to create a more sustainable future. The project was compiled with key members from RGMXUK collaborating with colleagues of science and those with a keen humanitarian effort to preserve our planet. Together they created a document presenting a set of 30 personal actions to promote habits in line with sustainability.

The European Union Global Diaspora Program (EUDiF) is the first EU-funded project to take a comprehensive approach to support collaboration between diaspora organisations, countries of origin and the EU to maximize the diaspora potential for development.

As part of the Capacity Development Laboratory during 2022-2023, EUDiF has been supporting the Global MX UK Network (RGMX-UK), the British chapter of a Mexican diaspora network, in piloting a structured generation and knowledge transfer between the diaspora and Mexico for education on climate change and the circular economy. Specifically, EUDiF helped RGMX-UK develop a citizen climate action toolkit for Mexico together with Mexican diaspora academics and civil society organisations.

Within the framework of this intervention, a group of volunteers from diaspora academics in the RGMX-UK, along with other Mexican experts based in Europe, the USA and Mexico, network participated in the collective creation of this toolkit involving civil society organizations in Mexico. By preparing such tools collaboratively, RGMX-UK developed and tested a structured way of generating and transferring knowledge between the diaspora and people interested in the topic in Mexico. That is a system they hope to replicate in many other topics in the future.

Launching the information package with the tools is the final stage of this project. This will take place on September 13 and 14, 2023, and will address the issue of citizen action in Mexico in favour of the Circular Economy and actions against Climate Change.

September 13:

Below are our deliverables in which you can download and implement in your organisation: