I’m an HR professional with over 10 years of experience working in fast-paced, growth environments across the globe including the UK, US, and Latin America.

I’ve led on a full portfolio of activities including adapting global practices to local markets, diversity and inclusion consulting, building an HR function from the ground up, project management support and working with business leaders to implement effective international HR initiatives.

My passion is working cross-culturally and helping organisations become more competitive by equipping and motivating the workforce with systems and conditions that produce greater efficiency and well-being – thus promoting and encouraging innovation and collaboration. I value the importance of teamwork and proactively engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to create positive working relationships at all levels.

I’ve strengthened my business acumen through investing in a Masters in HR and more recently an MBA where I focused my dissertation on “Mental health and wellbeing in the Workplace” which was awarded “Best Management Project” on the MBA programme.

I’m currently studying towards the CIPD qualification 7 to further develop my strategic approach, in order to create organisational cultures that are inclusive, diverse, and ultimately, healthier places to work.

In the long term, my vision is to influence human resources management policy in my home country, Mexico. I want to create capacity and develop the strength of its people in a way that will impact its social and economic development. Mexico currently lags behind Europe in many areas, including gender equality in the workplace, wellbeing and mental health support at work and effective performance management systems.

My end goal is to attract and retain an innovative, diverse and talented workforce so organisations become model employers.

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